Home Delivery

We're a local Bennington Vermont vertical farm, specializing in organic, non-GMO microgreens that are aquaponically grown to order . We grow pure and organic; using NO pesticides, and NO chemical fertilizers. Just clean, filtered Green Mountain water. Our microgreens are planted in organic medium and grown in reusable 100% food safe trays, then packaged in 6" x 8" biodegradable containers.







After 8 to 16 days from planting, your greens are hand delivered right to your door for only $10.00 per container!

(2 container purchased required for free delivery)

And because our microgreens are delivered to you living and uncut on the organic medium on which they're grown, your microgreens will stay alive, fresh, and ready to eat for 2 Weeks. 


For a ONE TIME order, all you have to do is pick what varieties of microgreens you would like and how many 6 x 8 containers (1 to 2 varieties per container). We'll have them delivered to your home or business in 8-16 days. If you would like a RECURRING ORDER such as WEEKLY or BI-WEEKLY, we can do that for you too! Just let us know.
Our delivery days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Home delivery areas at this time are the North & South Shires of
Bennington County and some NY and MASS. However, we're planning on expanding our delivery areas, so drop us a line and we'll see if we can schedule a delivery to you.
When you purchase 9 containers of microgreens, you get the 10th container of  microgreens for
$10.00 per container
Delivery is free of charge within Bennington County, Vermont and some of the New York and Western Mass. areas. Orders outside of Bennington County can be arranged; an additional delivery fee may apply. 
We grow to order so please allow 8-16 days for your first order. Some varieties take longer to grow than others.  We'll let you know when to expect your delivery.  
How do my greens arrive?
We deliver our microgreens live and rooted in the 6 x 8 organic medium
they are grown on. Simply cut, eat, and enjoy!
You don't need to be home for us to deliver either. Just let us know where you would like us to leave your microgreens. During the cold months,  leave a cooler available for us to place your greens in; this way they'll be protected from the cold until you get home.


Did you know that microgreens are a superfood?


The USDA and university studies have proven that microgreens have up to 40 TIMES more nutrients than their mature counterparts! 

To put that into perspective:


1 ounce of microgreen broccoli is equivalent to 20 ounces of mature broccoli. 


Health Alert


Organic Pea shown


Bold mustard flavor

with spice.


Tastes like cucumber and melon with a hint of bitterness. 

Red Radish

Crunchy with spice

and slightly floral.


Full cilantro flavor. Very

aromatic. Eat the stems and all!

Red Cabbage

Strong broccoli flavor.

Beautiful color.


Sweet and earthy,

similar to swiss chard.


Onion and garlic flavor with a crunchy seed on top.

Daikon Radish

Crisp, spicy

and succulent.

Green Pea

Crunchy, succulent and sweet.

Tastes just like fresh peas!

Red Russian Kale

Strong broccoli flavor.

Nutty and rich. Not bitter!

Spicy Salad Mix

Nutty and fresh with a bit of spiciness.


Yup, tastes like the name.

Robust broccoli flavor.

Wheat Grass

Fresh and sweet.

Intensely nutritional.

Purple Kohlrabi

Strong broccoli/cabbage

flavor. Beautiful coloring.

Blue Scotch Kale

Broccoli flavor, nutty and rich.

Not bitter like mature Kale.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Fresh, nutty and slightly


Order Form

If you would like to order our nutritious Living Microgreens, please fill out this order form with what you would like and we will get back to you with the specifics before the end of the day. If you have any questions, please feel free to use this form as well.