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Wholesale Living Trays

Our microgreens are the freshest and cleanest on the market. Our greens are organic and grown to order in 100% food safe reusable trays. You'll receive your living microgreens in the same food safe trays they are grown in.

And because they are delivered living and uncut, you only harvest what you need ----which eliminates waste. The remainder of the greens stay alive in the

cooler, ready and fresh for your next culinary offering. If properly cared for, your microgreens will stay alive and fresh for 2 weeks guaranteed!


Tray Size: 26”x 18”(approx. 1 to 3.5 pounds of greens, depending on the variety )

Half size trays are available as well.

All Living Trays are grown to order. Most micros are ready from seed to harvest in 10-16 days unless noted on the Fresh Sheet (some take up to 20 days), so plan accordingly for your FIRST order of any greens. Orders can be placed on a recurring schedule, so you will always have your greens on time.

Deliveries are on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Here is our list of Microgreens  

Order Form

If you would like to order our nutritious Living Microgreens, please fill out this order form with what you would like and we will get back to you with the specifics before the end of the day. If you have any questions, please feel free to use this form as well. 

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